Japan's opposition party mulls submitting no-confidence motion against Kishida

Japan's largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party says it will soon make a final decision on whether to submit a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's Cabinet.

The party's leader, Izumi Kenta, spoke to reporters on Sunday, with roughly a week to go before the end of the current Diet session.

Izumi said many people across the country feel that the Kishida administration has not taken any action to improve the economy, and failed to respond to surging prices.

He said the administration has been unable to implement sufficient, concrete steps to distribute wealth.

The main governing Liberal Democratic Party's Secretary-General Motegi Toshimitsu said the government has managed to keep prices under control, compared with the United States and European countries.

He said Kishida's Cabinet does not deserve a no-confidence motion.

Motegi added that the Constitutional Democrats will invite more public criticism if they submit the motion with an eye to elections.

The LDP and its coalition partner, Komeito, plan to quickly vote down the no-confidence motion if it is submitted.