Shootings in Pennsylvania, Tennessee kill 5, injure more than 20

Shootings in the US states of Pennsylvania and Tennessee have killed at least five people and injured more than 20.

Gunfire broke out on a busy street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, late Saturday, leaving three dead and at least 11 wounded.

Local police suspect multiple shooters opened fire, but they fled the scene and their whereabouts are unknown.

Two people were reportedly killed and at least 14 were injured at a nightclub in Chattanooga, Tennessee, early Sunday. Another person fleeing the scene was hit by a car and died.

Local police believe multiple shooters were involved.

The two shootings followed gun attacks in the states of New York and Texas last month, which killed 10 and 21 people, respectively. The Texas victims included 19 elementary school children. The two gunmen involved in the incidents were 18 years old.

US President Joe Biden wants to curb gun violence by introducing a ban on certain semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, among other measures. The Democrats have submitted a bill to do so, but its prospects for clearing Congress are dim amid Republican opposition.