Philippine volcano erupts, spews ash on wide areas

A volcano in the Philippines erupted on Sunday, scattering ash on nearby communities and forests. No injuries have been reported.

The Philippine volcanology institute said a phreatic, or steam-driven explosion, occurred at Mount Bulusan in the southern part of Luzon Island.

Officials say the eruption lasted for about 17 minutes. Volcanic smoke rose to a height of at least one kilometer, and rain and ash accumulated in nearby areas.

Footage shot on the ground shows vehicles driving through the ash amid poor visibility. People wearing masks were sweeping the piled-up ash.

Officials are urging people not to enter areas within 4 kilometers of the volcano, as there is a possibility of more eruptions.

They are also urging residents to be on the alert for destructive volcanic mudflows, which send bursts of volcanic ash, mud and rocks down mountainsides. The phenomenon is caused by heavy rain or other triggers.