Queen Elizabeth invites Paddington Bear to tea in Jubilee sketch

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has invited a British cultural icon, Paddington Bear, to tea at Buckingham Palace in a short video released as part of the Platinum Jubilee to celebrate her 70 years on the throne.

The sketch was shown before an open-air concert outside the palace on Saturday, the third day of the four-day Jubilee weekend. The monarch did not attend for health reasons.

The computer-generated bear told the Queen that he always carries a marmalade sandwich in his hat for an emergency.

The Queen replied, "So do I. I keep mine in here," and smiled as she took out a sandwich from her handbag.

The concert began with the British band Queen's "We Will Rock You."

As the audience clapped their hands to the opening drum beat, the video showed the monarch joining them by tapping her cup with a teaspoon.

The performers at the concert included Elton John and Rod Stewart.

The Queen's eldest son, Prince Charles, gave a speech.

Addressing her as "Your Majesty, mummy," he said, "You laugh and cry with us, and most importantly, have been there for us for these 70 years."