EU agrees to partial embargo of Russian oil

The European Union has officially agreed to impose a partial embargo on Russian oil in a raft of additional sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.

The measure is expected to reduce the bloc's imports of Russian oil by about 90 percent.

EU officials said on Friday that the embargo applies to seaborne imports. A six-month grace period will be set for crude oil, and eight months for refined petroleum products.

They say the bloc will also ban entities from insuring ships carrying Russian oil. The measure, set to take effect in six months, is aimed at making it difficult for Russia to sell to other countries.

Last year, EU imports of Russian oil totaled 71 billion euros, or about 76 billion dollars.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the sanctions are aimed at further limiting Russia's ability to continue the war.

Other measures include an embargo on about 80 substances that could be used to produce chemical weapons.

The EU also plans to freeze the assets of individuals suspected to have been involved in the killing of civilians in the Ukrainian cities of Bucha and Mariupol.