Japan's Nihon University fails to qualify for govt. subsidies

The scandal-tainted Nihon University, one of Japan's largest institutions of higher learning, has failed to meet the criteria required to receive government subsidies.

The Japan University Accreditation Association released the results of its accreditation assessment on Friday. The association said Nihon University failed to meet the requirements.

The association, which is itself certified by the education minister, pointed out that certain high-ranking officials had taken control of the university's personnel affairs for their own ends.

It also said the university failed to properly monitor the activities of its board of trustees.

The university also failed to meet the association's accreditation criteria in 2019 due to problems with the entrance exam set by its medical school.

The association also examined the university's management after a tax-evasion scandal involving then chairperson of the board of trustees Tanaka Hidetoshi came to light in 2021.