Ukrainian evacuees treat host villagers in Japan to borscht

University students who evacuated Ukraine for Japan have treated residents of their host municipality to borscht, a soup popular in their home country.

The nine students from the Lviv Polytechnic National University and others stayed in Takayama Village in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, for a week since arriving in Japan late last month. They are moving to municipal housing in the prefectural capital of Maebashi on Friday.

Before leaving the village, the students cooked borscht to show their gratitude for local hospitality. They used beets, a major ingredient of the soup, provided by local farmers.

They brought the soup to the village office and served it to Mayor Goto Kozo, farmers and others.

One of the students, Solomiia Mazur, said eating the dish brought back memories from home. She added that she's happy to be in Japan and really loves the country.

Goto said he does not know what to say about the situation in Ukraine, but that he's determined to support the country in any way possible.