Zelenskyy: 20% of Ukraine now under Russian control

Ukraine's president says one fifth of his nation's territory is now controlled by Russia. The update comes 100 days into the war, as Moscow tightens its grip on the east while the Ukrainian military waits for a new supply of weapons.

Russian forces are trying to capture the last stronghold in the Luhansk region, Severodonetsk. Ukrainian officials say most of the city has already fallen and that "senseless shelling" has ensured the occupied land is little more than ruins.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, "As of today, the occupiers control almost 20% of our territory, almost 125,000 square kilometers. This is much larger than the combined area of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg."

Zelenskyy says Ukrainians are fighting a "war of courage." He says the Russians have lost more than 30 thousand soldiers. And that tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been killed.

But his forces still fight. They're stepping up their counteroffensive both in the east and in the south. To keep it going Ukraine says it needs more support from abroad.

And nations are answering the call. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged to supply Ukraine with state-of-the-art antiaircraft missiles. He said the modern system can protect an entire city from Russian air attacks.

The United States also promised more arms support, including long-range rocket systems. That's despite warnings from Russia.

Moscow has accused the US and its allies of bringing more suffering to Ukrainians by pumping the country full of modern weapons.