UN: Yemen's warring parties agree to extend truce for 2 months

The United Nations envoy to Yemen says the parties to the conflict in Yemen have agreed to renew the current truce for two additional months. The agreement came on Thursday, just hours before the original truce that began in April was due to expire.

The civil war in Yemen has continued for more than seven years. Yemeni government forces, supported by Saudi Arabia, have been fighting the Iran-backed Houthi rebel group.

The humanitarian crisis, deepened by shortages of food and medicines, eased somewhat after the original truce went into effect on April 2.

International flights have resumed in rebel-controlled areas to allow much-needed imports of fuel.

But soaring grain prices triggered by the Ukraine crisis have worsened Yemen's food shortage.

The warring parties have repeatedly blamed each other for truce violations.

The focus has now shifted to whether the government and the rebels can agree to a permanent ceasefire.