Ukrainian evacuees study Japanese to find work

Ukrainian evacuees in Japan are taking a Japanese- language course designed for foreign residents who are looking for work.

The free three-month course, commissioned by the Japanese government, is being provided in 24 of the country's 47 prefectures. Foreign residents can enroll after registering with a job placement center in their area.

Alona Kostiushko is one of seven Ukrainians who are taking the course. The 21-year-old attended a class in Tokyo on Thursday, along with 10 people from eight other countries.

Working with an instructor, she practiced simple greetings and how to introduce herself in Japanese. She also learned how to bow in a business situation.

Kostiushko says she taught English in Ukraine, so she hopes to be able to work as an English teacher in Japan. She also wants to study design at a Japanese university.

Nagayama Kazuo of the Japan International Cooperation Center, which runs the course, says it offers practical lessons in the basic Japanese that foreign residents will need to work in Japan.

He says he hopes the course will help Ukrainian evacuees to improve their chances of finding good jobs in Japan.