World premiere of 'The Karate Kid' musical is held in St. Louis, Missouri

Japanese drama director Miyamoto Amon has had the world premiere of his new musical, The Karate Kid, in the United States. The musical is based on the 1984 Hollywood movie produced by Columbia Pictures.

On the day of the premiere on Wednesday, a large number of theatergoers waited outside a theater in St. Louis in the US state of Missouri.

An elderly couple said they were interested to see how music would be used in the musical version.

The Karate Kid follows an American teenager who learns karate from a Japanese-American master from Okinawa to defend himself against his bullies.

At the end of the performance that lasted two and a half hours, the director stood up from his seat in the auditorium to a warm applause from the audience that packed the 500-seat theater.

Miyamoto said he had struggled through the past couple of years with no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, but had come to where he is now, thanks to all the support from the performers and staff involved in this production. He added that it has been the best experience ever in his career in drama.

The Karate Kid is due to run through June 26 in St. Louis. Then, the producers of the musical plan to hold its Broadway premier in New York.