3rd Chinese aircraft carrier could be launched soon

A media outlet affiliated with China's Communist Party says the third Chinese naval aircraft carrier could be launched soon.

The Global Times on Tuesday quoted a Chinese military expert as saying that a shipyard in Shanghai has resumed operations after the city announced an end to its coronavirus lockdown. The third carrier is currently under construction at the shipyard.

The newspaper says the carrier is believed to be larger than previous two carriers, and will likely be equipped with electromagnetic catapults -- a launching system which allows aircraft to accelerate and take off from the vessel.

In April, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy released a promotional video of China's aircraft carrier program after its first carrier, the Liaoning, was deployed.

The video was published on the Navy's 73rd founding anniversary. It hinted at the preparation of the third carrier.

China has been building up its naval capabilities as part of its goal of creating a world-class military by the middle of the century.

President Xi Jinping is expected to seek an unprecedented third term as leader at the party congress scheduled for later this year. China is apparently trying to boost its national prestige using its latest aircraft carrier.