Milk bottles featuring manga a hit with kids

Children at an elementary school in Japan were in for a big surprise on a recent lunch break.

As they drank their milk, their bottles started to reveal images of manga, or comics.

A dairy maker in central Japan developed the special bottles. They feature a four-frame manga story printed in white ink.

The company delivered about 170 bottles to the school in Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. It was a trial, and the kids weren't told in advance.

So when they started to drink, they were amazed to discover the comics. They needed to drink the bottles' entire contents to get the full story.

Many Japanese children don't like milk when combined with Japanese food. But the company hopes its manga feature makes it more appealing and can cut down on food waste.

One girl says she usually doesn't drink milk but enjoyed it in the special bottle.

The firm says it will supply schools with more of the bottles if they request them.