S.Korea ruling party wins 12 of 17 local elections

In South Korea, the ruling People Power Party has won 12 of the 17 local elections, giving a boost to the newly inaugurated administration of President Yoon Suk-yeol.

Posts of major city mayors and provincial governors were up for grabs in Wednesday's elections.

The People Power Party's candidates won the mayoral elections in the capital Seoul and the second-biggest city, Busan.

The largest opposition Democratic Party won four races, mainly in its support base in the southwest.

It also edged out the ruling party in the battleground province of Gyeonggi.

In the previous elections four years ago, the Democratic Party, which was then in power, won by a landslide.

That vote was held the day after the first-ever US-North Korea summit.

This time, the People Power Party, which achieved a change of government in the presidential election in March, kept its momentum.

South Korea's National Election Commission says voter turnout was 50.9 percent, down 9.3 points and the second-lowest ever for local elections.