Matsuno: Japan reopening to tours June 10, despite infection

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu said plans to reopen the country to guided tours June 10 were unchanged despite the coronavirus infection of a tourist.

Matsuno also told reporters on Tuesday that he has not heard about any change in the plan to ease restrictions on the number of people who can enter the country from Wednesday. The comments come after a tourist visiting Japan on a trial basis was found to be infected with the coronavirus.

The Japan Tourism Agency said the infected person had been staying in Oita prefecture, southwestern Japan, after arriving from Thailand on Friday. The tour, which included four people, has been cancelled.

Three of the tourists are in isolation at a hotel, while the infected person has light symptoms and is being treated at a separate hotel.

The tourism agency says the patient complained of a sore throat on Monday and was tested for antigens at a medical institution.

The agency plans to draw up guidelines for how travel companies should react to suspected infections.

Matsuno also said that based on this case, the government would continue to examine how to respond when tourists test positive.