China's President Xi meets Hong Kong's incoming chief executive

Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with John Lee Ka-chiu, the incoming chief executive of Hong Kong.

China's state-run Xinhua news agency said their meeting took place in Beijing on Monday.

Xi told Lee that the central authorities have full trust in the newly elected leader of Hong Kong.

He praised Lee for his unwavering stance in his love for China and Hong Kong. Xi also noted that Lee has contributed to safeguarding national security and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.

The Chinese president said Hong Kong is at a critical juncture toward prosperity after it transitioned from chaos to governance.

Xi said he strongly believes the new government in Hong Kong will usher in a new chapter in the development of the region.

There is concern that government control in Hong Kong will be tightened under Lee's leadership. The former police official played a key role in cracking down on pro-democracy activists.

Lee is set to take office on July 1 -- the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China from British rule. Attention is on whether Xi will attend the inauguration ceremony.