NATO holds military drills in Poland

The NATO alliance and partners are staging joint drills in Poland, which neighbors Ukraine.

About 7,000 troops from more than 20 countries are involved in the exercise. They include Sweden, which is considering applying for NATO membership.

Some of the activities are taking place in eastern Poland, about 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. On Friday, military vehicles practiced crossing a river using a makeshift bridge as fighter jets provided cover.

In another area, US, French and Swedish forces transported tanks and armored vehicles on a ship.

A member of the Swedish military said the drills serve as a good opportunity to learn how US forces carry out joint operations.

The Polish military says the drills are not aimed at any particular country or situation.

The United States is apparently assuming a joint contingency operation with Poland aimed at strengthening coordination.

The drills have seen US forces mobilize M-1 Abrams tanks, which are due to be sold to Poland.