Japan to help companies recruit ASEAN workers

NHK has learned that Japan's economy, trade and industry minister is set to announce a plan to help 50,000 ASEAN workers in digital technology and other fields land jobs at Japanese companies.

Hagiuda Koichi is scheduled to visit Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand to meet his counterparts. He will announce the plan at a seminar on Monday.

Under the plan, the government will help Japanese companies hold job briefing sessions or offer online internships for 50,000 people over the next five years.

The move comes as China and other countries have been making inroads into the ASEAN region and competing to secure talented workers.

Tokyo aims to boost the competitiveness of Japanese companies by supporting their recruitment activities.

The government is also set to announce plans to encourage Japanese companies to share information to avoid risks, drawing lessons from supply chain disruptions triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.