Maezawa 'determined to take better care of Earth'

Japanese billionaire Maezawa Yusaku says his 12-day journey to outer space has made him determined to take better care of the Earth.

Maezawa, staying in Russia, held an online news conference on Wednesday for the first time since he came back to Earth two days earlier.

Maezawa, the founder of a major Japanese online fashion retailer, and Hirano Yozo, an executive of an affiliated company, became the first private Japanese citizens to visit the International Space Station.

Maezawa said it took several days to adapt to zero gravity, and felt that about 20 days are an ideal period needed for a space journey. He said he will separate garbage to take better care of the Earth.

Maezawa has already announced a plan to take part in another space journey. This one would involve going around the moon in 2023 on a large spacecraft being developed by a private US firm.

He said his next dream is to go to the moon.