NHK's Masagaki appointed as ABU president

An NHK executive has been elected to head the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, or ABU.

The ABU's annual general assembly opened virtually on Wednesday with 250 broadcasters from about 70 countries and regions taking part.

The members are discussing a new mission for media to help resolve challenges that the world will be facing in the post-pandemic era.

On Thursday, NHK's Executive Vice President Masagaki Satoru was chosen as the new ABU president.

Masagaki said when we move into a post-COVID era, he promises to listen to the voices of all members, encourage more cooperation and build the value of the Union.

He then stressed that he will do his utmost to make the Union a useful place to exchange knowledge and wisdom.

Masagaki will serve as the ABU president through the end of 2024.