Media: Ethiopia's PM on the front line

Media reports in Ethiopia say that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is on the front line directing government troops who are fighting northern ethnic minority forces.

The reports say Prime Minister Abiy has been on the front line since Tuesday. They did not give any further details.

Government troops have been fighting Tigrayan forces from the country's northern region for the past year.

Tensions have been rising this week after Tigrayan forces said they had seized control of a town about 220 kilometers northeast of the capital Addis Ababa and that they were heading for the city.

Abiy's reported involvement in the fighting is apparently part of his efforts to unite the public behind him.

The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency on November 2 amid growing international concerns about the intensifying conflict.

The United Nations has decided to evacuate family members of international staff in Ethiopia. The United States, France, and Germany have asked their citizens to leave the country immediately.