Kirin opposes Myanmar military-linked firm's move

Japanese beer maker Kirin Holdings intends to launch a legal action against a Myanmar military-linked company's move to liquidate their joint venture.

Kirin released a statement on Wednesday, after it came to light that the military-linked conglomerate filed a court petition to liquidate the joint venture, Myanmar Brewery Limited.

The conglomerate, Myanma Economic Holdings Limited, or MEHL, manages a welfare fund for the military.

Kirin has been negotiating the termination of the joint venture with MEHL following the military coup in February.

But Kirin said MEHL "has been uncooperative in the negotiations, effectively rejecting our proposals." Kirin added, "It is truly regrettable that this petition has unjustly been filed, ignoring the joint venture agreement."

Kirin plans to file a request with a local court to reject the liquidation petition, because of "doubts about the fairness and appropriateness of the liquidation process."