Japanese firms make advances in EV charging tech

Japanese companies are working on ways to make it easier and greener to charge electric vehicles. Setting up charging stations in the country is seen as key to making EVs more popular.

Electronics giant Hitachi has developed a charging system that uses 40 percent less space and weighs 70 percent less than conventional models. It can also charge several vehicles at the same time.

A senior Chief Researcher at Hitachi, Nakatsu Kinya, says the system itself is now very compact and light, making it possible to install it in more kinds of facilities.

The firm Plugo develops and sells charging stations. Since September, all of its systems use only renewable sources, such as solar or wind power.

Plugo officials say they made the change because some have pointed out that even if there are more EVs on the road, using electricity produced from fossil fuels would not reduce carbon emission enough.

The Japanese government is aiming for a five-fold increase in the number of charging stations by 2030.