Migrant standoff continues between EU and Belarus

The European Union is refusing to ease pressure on Belarus amid turmoil over migrants amassing on its border with EU member Poland.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday that the EU is considering fresh sanctions along with the United States, Canada and Britain.

The EU is accusing of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko of using migrants as a political tool to retaliate against EU sanctions already imposed on the country.

The migrants, mostly from the Middle East, are enduring severe cold and harsh conditions as they remain stranded along the border in western Belarus.

The Belarusian government says it has transferred some of the migrants to a warehouse facility and is providing them with food and humanitarian assistance.

It says around 7,000 migrants remain in the country, and is urging the EU to accept about 2,000 of them. The EU, however, is refusing to negotiate with the Lukashenko government.