Special jeans brand unveiled for happy couples

A jeans maker in the western Japanese prefecture of Okayama and a wedding consulting company have jointly developed a jeans brand as a new style of wedding attire. Okayama Prefecture is known as one of the biggest producers of denim jeans in the nation.

The brand, called Engage Denim, was unveiled at a hotel in Okayama City to mark "Good Couple Day" in Japan on Monday.

November 22 can be read phonetically as "good married couple" in Japanese.

Denim used to make the jeans exhibits interesting natural discoloring over time.
The couple's initials and their important dates can be etched on leather on the back of the jeans.

The two companies are proposing that couples wear them for their wedding ceremony and years afterward, so they can enjoy the changing color of the jeans as their partnership deepens.

The president of the partnering wedding consulting firm says the jeans are for all couples in a romantic relationship, not just for those who are getting married.

The president of the jeans maker says his company developed the jeans with attention to detail and he hopes couples will keep wearing them together forever.