Commercial trucks getting electrified in Japan

Commercial truck makers in Japan are accelerating efforts to meet growing demand for fully electric models as delivery firms look to reduce their carbon footprints.

Hino Motors unveiled a one-ton electric truck on Monday that it plans to start selling next summer.

Company officials say the electric version requires fewer parts on the bottom section, allowing the cargo floor to be lowered, which makes for easier loading.

Hino says the truck can run for about 100 kilometers per charge, enough to make a day's worth of deliveries.

Major Japanese logistics company Yamato Transport is already set to buy the new vehicle.
Its drivers will try it out for the next six months. The two companies plan to work together to iron out any issues.

Hino Motors engineer Tono Kazuyuki says the electrification of small trucks has been slow going, but there's growing demand in the market.

Another major delivery firm Sagawa Express has decided to use electric trucks from a different company.

Isuzu Motors is also preparing to launch a competing model next year.