Govt. extends emergency financial aid to next year

Japan's government has extended the deadlines for emergency financial support into next year for people with reduced income or unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Non-Japanese residents are also eligible to apply.

The government provides a loan of up to 200,000 yen, or about 1,700 dollars, to those who urgently need money.

Another program allows households with two or more members to borrow the same amount per month for three months as funds for living. Single persons can borrow 1,300 dollars per month also for three months.

Both programs are interest-free.

The application deadline was originally the end of November. It has been extended to the end of next March.

Applications can be filed at municipal social welfare councils nationwide.

The government also provides loans of up to 2,600 dollars over three months for people who have already reached the borrowing limit for these loans or whose application for new loans were turned down.

The deadline for application for these loans has also been extended until the end of March. Recipients are able to apply for the loans if they continue to suffer financially.

Applications can be made at the social welfare offices of prefectural governments or municipalities.