S.Korea's main opposition candidate leads in poll

The latest opinion poll ahead of South Korea's presidential election puts a candidate from the largest opposition party in the lead.

On Friday, the Gallup Korea research institute released its first poll since all major parties finished choosing their candidates for the leadership election next March.

It shows that the People Power Party's Yoon Suk-yeol has the most support for the presidency, at 34 percent.

The former top prosecutor gained 10 points from early November, and widened his lead over the ruling Democratic Party's Lee Jae-myung, who is supported by 27 percent of those polled. Lee is a former governor of Gyeonggi province.

Among a narrowed list of four major candidates, Yoon led with 42 percent, followed by Lee with 31 percent.

The centrist People's Party's Ahn Cheol-soo was supported by seven percent, while the progressive Justice Party's Sim Sang-jung trailed with five percent.

Other polls also put Yoon in the lead, in a sign that South Koreans may be seeking a change of power.

Lee is likely facing headwinds due to a scandal over an urban development project that took place in a city where he served as mayor.