Japanese govt. revises 'Go To Travel' campaign

The Japanese government has announced details of the changes to its subsidy program to promote domestic tourism, ahead of the campaign's restart. The revised program will reduce the upper limits of subsidies to partially cover holidaymakers' travel costs.

The government's "Go To Travel" campaign was introduced last year to support the tourism industry, which was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The program was suspended entirely last December, as infections resurged.

Ministry of Tourism officials said the program will subsidize up to around 90 dollars per night.
Weekday users will be eligible for coupons worth more than amounts for weekend visitors.

Japanese tourism minister Saito Tetuso said officials are considering to restart the program depending on the coronavirus situation in the country.

Saito said officials plan to analyze the coronavirus situation during the New Year holidays first, and then decide when to resume the nationwide travel campaign.

He also said either proof of vaccination or a negative test result could be mandatory for people who use the program.