Three inmates captured in Kenya after jailbreak

Kenyan police say they have captured three convicts who escaped from a prison in the capital Nairobi on Monday. The inmates include a man involved in a terrorist attack that killed nearly 150 people.

Police said on Thursday they were holding the trio in a town more than 100 kilometers east of Nairobi after a tipoff from locals. Police had offered a reward worth more than 500,000 dollars for information.

Local media quote police as saying the three were fleeing toward neighboring Somalia.

The men include Mohamed Ali Abikar, who was sentenced to a 41-year jail term for involvement in an attack on a university in the eastern city of Garissa in April 2015.

The assault left 148 people dead. Responsibility was claimed by the Somali Islamist militant group Al-Shabab, which has since carried out more terror attacks in Kenya.

The other two escapees were a man imprisoned for seeking to join Al-Shabab and another convicted of taking part in a thwarted terror attack.