Biden visits GM electric vehicle plant

US President Joe Biden has visited General Motors' first factory devoted entirely to the production of electric vehicles. The trip is part of the president's push to popularize EVs in the country.

Biden visited the facility in the state of Michigan on Wednesday. He tested out a new EV pickup truck model at the site.

The president has made transitioning to EVs a policy priority. Spending on charging stations is included in the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill he signed earlier this week.

"China's been leading this race, but that's about to change because of the law," said Biden. "For the first time in 20 years, American infrastructure investment will be far greater than China's."

Biden added his government aims to install 500,000 charging stations across the country. He said popularizing EVs will also contribute to the growth of US industry and create new jobs.

Some experts are skeptical about the prospect of EVs becoming widely used in the US, given the country's vast size. The models are also typically more expensive.

But Biden has indicated a long-term commitment to the issue, saying he aims to make 50 percent of new cars in the US zero emission by 2030.