Biden, Xi agree to engage in 'intense diplomacy'

The US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has said that President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have engaged in what he called "intense diplomacy." He sat alongside Biden on Monday when the leaders met online.

Sullivan gave his views on the talks on Tuesday during a webinar hosted by the Brookings Institution. He said Biden and Xi "have had candid, direct, straightforward conversations in America, in China, going back nearly a decade."

He added that their conversations have "always been important, but they have never been more important that right now."

Biden broached concerns about the buildup of China's weapons program. Sullivan said the two leaders agreed to carry forward discussions on the issue, something known as "strategic stability."

Sullivan said Biden and Xi agreed to cooperate on immediate challenges, too, including Iran's nuclear program and North Korea's missile program. China has ties with both countries. The United States has been looking to make inroads.