ANA unveils integrated training facility

Japanese aviation company ANA Holdings has shown the media its new training facility, which is one of the country's largest.

The company gave the media a preview of ANA Blue Base on Wednesday, ahead of its opening to the public in December.

The establishment, located near Tokyo's Haneda Airport, became operational in June last year. In an aim to engage in air transportation safety measures more efficiently, the company gathered separate training facilities used by each department in one location.

The media saw flight attendants responding to simulated air turbulence and other rough conditions.

The facility also has 22 flight simulators for pilots, as well as training equipment, including real engines, for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Hitaka Kaori, an ANA Holdings official in charge of training facility operations, says she wants visitors to observe how workers are being trained to ensure the safety of passengers.

Facility tours for the public are scheduled to start on December 10.