Use of fuel-cell cars as light source being tested

Japanese officials have begun an experiment to see if a fuel-cell car can be used as a power source to provide light at a construction site at night. It is the first experiment of its kind in Japan.

The construction and transport ministry and the Saga prefectural government began the experiment on Monday night. This is part of the effort to try to create a carbon-free society.

On a national route in Saga prefecture's Ogi City, workers connected a power cable to the prefectural government's fuel-cell car in order to turn on a large light at a road repair site.

Workers usually use a gasoline-fueled generator as a power source to light up a construction site.
But carbon dioxide is emitted when that type of power source is used.

Officials say the use of a fuel-cell car as a power source not only produces zero emissions but also reduces noise and odors.

The national and prefectural governments plan to study all the technical and operational problems that arise to determine whether fuel-cell vehicles can be used as a power source.

Ono Nobuhiro is the head of the New Energy Industries Division of Saga Prefecture. He said the officials decided to conduct the experiment, as they believe that fuel-cell cars will help solve problems encountered on road construction sites at night. He added that he hopes fuel-cell vehicles will be used in other parts of the country to light up construction sites.