Peru's ex-president Fujimori may be pardoned

Peru's government may consider a humanitarian pardon for former President Alberto Fujimori if his health condition worsens further.

Justice and Human Rights Minister Anibal Torres disclosed this to reporters on Tuesday.

Fujimori was taken from prison to a hospital in Lima in October to undergo heart surgery. His daughter, Keiko Fujimori, said last week that her father's condition has not improved despite the surgery, and that he received an emergency medical examination.

Torres said the pardon would be considered depending on the medical team's opinion on the severity of the illness.

Torres said Fujimori committed a serious crime, but that from a humanitarian aspect, it is logical for him to spend his final days at home. The minister suggested a pardon may be given if Fujimori's side requested one.

Fujimori received a 25-year prison sentence after he retired as president. He had been found guilty of commanding security forces that killed civilians while he was in office.

In 2017, Peru's then president granted Fujimori a pardon, citing his deteriorating health, but the Supreme Court later annulled the move. Fujimori was sent back to prison, and has been in and out of the hospital in recent years.