Requests made on vaccine records for base workers

The mayor of a Japanese city hosting a US naval base has asked the central government to make sure workers at the base who were vaccinated can apply for their coronavirus vaccine certificates online.

Yokosuka officials say about 3,400 workers at the base, many of them Japanese, have been vaccinated. But they say the workers' vaccination records are not registered with the Japanese system because they are not covered under the Japanese vaccination law.

This means that the workers are ineligible for an online service to apply and receive vaccine certificates, which is set to start within this year.

Yokosuka Mayor Kamiji Katsuaki on Tuesday met with Digital Transformation Minister Makishima Karen.

The mayor said base workers may face disadvantages, as their records have not been registered with the Japanese system. He asked for improvements in the system, including legal revisions.

Makishima said she will consider ways to respond to the request.

The Defense Ministry says about 12,000 workers at US bases in Japan, many of them Japanese nationals, have been vaccinated.