Telework persists in Japan as pandemic fades

A significant number of employees are still working remotely in Japan, even though the state of emergency ended over six weeks ago. That's according to a private-sector survey.

The Japan Productivity Center contacted 1,100 workers in their 20s or older. The survey was done online in mid-October.

Over a fifth of respondents, or 22 percent, said they telecommute one or more days a week. That's up 2 percentage points from the previous survey in July.

The portion of people working remotely has hovered around 20 percent since July 2020.

Kakioka Akira, senior researcher at Japan Productivity Center, says the findings are a surprise. He believed the ratio of teleworkers would have fallen as more people became vaccinated. He thinks many managers chose to allow employees to telework in October, as fears of infection were still widespread.

But some workers seem to be growing tired of their situation. A third of those working from home say they're "not satisfied," or "somewhat not satisfied." That's up by 4 points from the previous survey.