Japan starts delivering vaccines for third shots

Japan's government started shipping coronavirus vaccine doses for third shots to municipalities and medical facilities across the country on Monday.

The health ministry plans to administer booster shots to all people aged 18 or above who want one. It will start giving the shots to medical workers in December, followed by the elderly in January.

The ministry plans to deliver a total of 4.12 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine nationwide for now.

On Monday morning, boxes containing 1,170 doses of the vaccine arrived at a hospital in Tokyo. The hospital will keep the vaccines in a freezer before starting to inoculate its healthcare workers and those from neighboring medical facilities next month.

The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Medical Center, Kyo Shunei, said he believes that there will be a sixth wave of coronavirus infections, judging from developments up until the fifth wave. He added that the booster shots are important, and that he hopes to begin inoculations as soon as preparations have been made.