Expert urges Japan to introduce carbon pricing

An expert from a conservation group has hailed a new commitment made at the UN climate conference, but warns that Japan needs to do more to achieve a low-carbon society.

Konishi Masako of WWF Japan says COP26 made clear that the world should limit the rise in average global temperatures from less than 2 degrees Celsius to 1.5 degrees from pre-industrial levels.

Konishi says this means that the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change has evolved in line with the latest science. She adds that this development was unthinkable at the time when the Paris Agreement was adopted.

On the market mechanism for emissions trading, she says COP26 set the rules that had not been decided, leading the Paris Agreement to become complete.
But Konishi warns that Japan is facing huge challenges due to its lack of sufficient policies for tackling global warming.

She says that while a global carbon trading market is being established, Japan needs to introduce carbon pricing swiftly and proceed with efforts for the power industry to achieve carbon neutrality on the basis of a realistic timeline.

Examples of carbon pricing include a carbon tax and emissions trading.