Ohtani looks back at 2021 season

Two-way star Ohtani Shohei is back in Japan and has spoken to the media after his breakout season in Major League Baseball.

The Los Angeles Angel is a nominee for Most Valuable Player in the American League, which will be announced on Thursday.

Ohtani looked back at his stellar year, after recovering from injuries.

He said it was sometimes mentally tough because of his injuries, but he believed he would be able to pitch again, without fail. He added that the doctors who operated on him, as well as his trainers, also said he would surely recover.

Ohtani performed brilliantly this season. He racked up 46 homers, 100 runs batted in and 26 stolen bases. He also became only the sixth MLB player to hit 45 homers and steal 25 bases in a single season.

As a pitcher, Ohtani recorded nine wins. He was the first player ever to start as both a pitcher and a leadoff batter in the All-Star Game in July.

He has already earned significant honors for his performance.