Abductee's mother surrounded by memories

The mother of a Japanese woman who was abducted by North Korea decades ago has shown the media items that remind her of the days she spent with her daughter Megumi.

Yokota Megumi was abducted by North Korean agents on November 15, 1977, on her way home from junior high school. She was 13.

One of the items displayed by Yokota Sakie was a small flower vase that Megumi gave her as a souvenir.

Megumi bought the vase when she visited the city of Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, during a school trip. At the time, Megumi was a sixth grader.

Yokota said she was impressed by her daughter's warmth as Megumi bought it with her own allowance.

Yokota recalled Megumi saying she thought the vase had colors that her mother really liked.

Yokota keeps it next to Megumi's photo.

The other memorabilia is a pendant with a picture of fish on it, which Megumi made when she visited Hagi with her family.

Yokota said that Megumi joined a pottery art workshop, which she found very interesting as she really liked handcrafting. Megumi was around 11 then, said Yokota.

Yokota added that she remembers Megumi proudly saying, "This is charming, isn't it?"

She said she's sure that Megumi still remembers the family trip.