Taliban working to improve security in Afghanistan

The Taliban are facing the challenge of stabilizing Afghanistan's security situation amid a series of attacks believed to have been mounted by a local affiliate of the Islamic State militant group.

Monday marks three months since the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan. After the takeover, the Islamist group launched an interim government and initiated other moves to rule the country.

But with the Taliban government yet to be recognized by the international community, Afghanistan's economy is in dire straits, partly because its overseas assets remain frozen.

Against this backdrop, Afghanistan has suffered a series of deadly attacks since October believed to have been launched by the Islamic State group's local affiliate. The attacks include suicide bombings at Shia mosques and an assault on a hospital.

The Taliban are working to improve security such as by setting up checkpoints near mosques in the capital Kabul. Their forces stop vehicles and motorcycles to check drivers' licenses and search vehicles.

The Taliban have also deployed elite units armed with advanced weapons in various locations. One commander said Taliban forces remain on alert around the clock, and are entirely ready to confront Islamic State combatants.