Thai protesters march for royal reforms

Demonstrators in Thailand have taken to the streets of the capital Bangkok to protest a Constitutional Court ruling, which found calls for reform of the monarchy are unconstitutional.

Police say about 1,000 people took part in the demonstration on Sunday. Local authorities say three people were injured.

The court ruled on Wednesday that demands to reform the country's monarchy are unconstitutional and tantamount to attempting to overthrow the royal institution.

Such calls grew during anti-government protests that have been continuing since last year. The demands include reducing royal budgets and abolishing the lese majeste law that bans defaming the royal family.

The court also ordered the three main activists and their associates to refrain from making such demands in the future.

Protesters at the latest rally said the court's decision is incorrect as they do not intend to topple the constitutional monarchy. They burned effigies of court judges before marching.

Some demonstrators clashed with police who had blocked their way.

A 30-year-old protester said some demonstrators who were detained during previous rallies have continued to fight while in prison. She added that she cannot remain silent and must continue to protest.