44 years since N.Korea abducted Yokota Megumi

Monday marks 44 years since North Korea abducted Japanese national Yokota Megumi. Her mother strongly urged the Japanese government to bring all remaining abductees back home as soon as possible through talks between the leaders of the two nations.

Yokota Megumi was abducted by North Korean agents on November 15, 1977, while on her way home from junior high school. Last month marked the 57th year since her birth.

Her mother, Yokota Sakie, spoke to reporters ahead of the 44th anniversary of her daughter's abduction. Sakie said she has been ever more exhausted from indescribable frustration.
She said she is distressed by not knowing anything because of the lack of a thorough explanation from Japan's government.

Sakie said she feels disheartened when thinking about how many decades she has to continue to appeal for her daughter's return.

Sakie noted that she has been speaking to the photographs of Megumi and her late husband Shigeru, who died last year. She tells them that she is sorry for failing to bring her daughter back home after such a long time.

Sakie said she is determined to bring Megumi back, and that she wants her daughter to wait, stay healthy and hopeful until she can return home.

Sakie has asked successive prime ministers to realize the return of the abductees, but to no avail.
The 85-year-old mother said that considering her age, she thinks the tenure of Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is her last chance to see her daughter return.

Sakie said she wants Kishida to realize a Japan-North Korea summit that allows both countries to move in a positive direction.

Sakie said she hopes to see the remaining abductees descend from an aircraft in Japan by sometime next year or thereafter. She added that she believes such a delightful day will come.

The Japanese government says at least 17 citizens, including Megumi, were abducted by North Korean agents in the 1970s and 80s. Five returned in 2002, but the other 12 are still unaccounted for.