Japanese NGO praises COP26 deal

An expert in international negotiations with the environmental NGO, World Wide Fund for Nature, has praised the deal reached at the COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

The pact includes a commitment to limiting increases in the global average temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Konishi Masako of WWF Japan says it was a significant achievement to make a common goal for the world from the efforts that were to be pursued in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

She says she assumes the target has become more acceptable as a sense of crisis about climate change has become more widespread, and companies are being urged to take action.

Konishi added that analysis shows that the new goal cannot be achieved even if nations achieve their current targets for curbing emissions, and they need to raise them by 2030.

She says countries will be urged to implement tangible measures to achieve their goals, such as those relating to coal that became a focal point of the conference.