Europe tightening COVID restrictions again

Cases of coronavirus have been surging again in Europe.

The Netherlands and Austria are reinstating some COVID-19 measures as both nations have recently registered record-high daily new cases.

In the Netherlands, the daily tally hit an all-time high of over 16,000 cases on Thursday even though more than 80 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.
The Dutch government tightened restrictions on Saturday to reduce person-to-person contacts.

Restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, and others that sell daily necessities are allowed to operate up to 8 p.m. while non-essential businesses have to close by 6 p.m.
The shorter business hours will continue through December 4.

Austria also saw its daily tally hit a record high this month, over 10,000 cases. The government has been tightening restrictions for unvaccinated people.

On Monday, it began limiting the use of restaurants and bars to vaccinated people in principle.

Starting this coming Monday, a lockdown will be imposed on unvaccinated people in some provinces. Non-essential outings are banned for unvaccinated people in those provinces. But they still can go to see a doctor, for example.

The government says it might expand the measure nationwide.