Komuro settles mother's money trouble

Komuro Kei, the husband of Japan's former Princess Mako, appears to have resolved a financial issue involving his mother and her former fiance.

Komuro met the ex-fiance and his representative on Friday evening at the office of Komuro's lawyer in Tokyo.

The representative says the two sides agreed that a payment from Komuro's side would settle the issue, and the ex-fiance had signed a document to confirm this.

The representative says he believes the matter has been settled and the ex-fiance will make no further demands in regard to it.

The financial entanglement was widely covered by domestic media since the announcement in 2017 that Komuro and Mako were to be engaged.

The reports referred to support payments to Komuro's mother of about 4 million yen, or over 35,000 dollars, which Komuro's mother received from the man for living expenses and other uses.

Komuro released a statement earlier this year in a bid to clarify the issue. It noted the man had said he did not need the money repaid. This reportedly led the Komuro side to believe the problem had been resolved.

Komuro added in the document that he still felt gratitude for the ex-fiance's support, and he was prepared to provide a payment to settle the issue.

Komuro and Mako are expected to leave Japan on Sunday for New York, where they will start a new life.