Diplomats fear collapse in Afghanistan

Pakistan's foreign minister warned on Thursday that Afghanistan is on the "brink of economic collapse." Shah Mahmood Qureshi hosted envoys from the US, China, and Russia, a group known as the Troika Plus.

The delegates met in Islamabad. It was their first meeting since the Taliban retook control three months ago. Qureshi said they have a shared interest in peace and stability and a shared responsibility.

Qureshi said nobody wants to see a relapse into civil war. He said everyone wants terrorist elements inside Afghanistan to be tackled effectively.

Foreign leaders have frozen Afghan assets in accounts overseas and placed restrictions on the banking system. The delegates promised they would try to ease pressure on that system.

Qureshi met with Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting foreign minister of the Taliban interim government, to discuss the flow of humanitarian aid. Officials in the US and other countries switched off billions of dollars in assistance when the Taliban retook power.

More than half the population is facing severe hunger as winter approaches.