Main opposition CDP to elect new leader on Nov. 30

Japan's largest opposition group, the Constitutional Democratic Party, has decided to elect a new leader on November 30.

The party made the decision at a meeting of its Lower and Upper House members on Friday.

The official campaign for party leader will begin on November 19. The polling will combine the votes of rank-and-file party members with those of lawmakers.

The decision to hold the election came after the meeting accepted the resignation of Edano Yukio as the head of the party.

Edano announced his intention to step down after the CDP suffered a setback in the Lower House election last month.

Addressing the meeting, Edano said he had done all he could over the past year, but it is regrettable that a number of colleagues could not return to the Lower House.

He indicated that the election results do not mean the voters have dismissed what the party is aiming for. He said he was not powerful enough in election tactics and party management. He called on party members to unite under a new leader to achieve a change of government and create the kind of society the party is pursuing.