Peach Aviation passengers get mystery destinations

Customers of a Japanese low-cost carrier can now book flights to mystery destinations.

Peach Aviation has a machine that tells passengers what their locations are going to be.

It's in a shopping center in the city of Nagoya. The flights are between Chubu Centrair International Airport and randomly selected spots throughout Japan.

The passenger first buys a lottery-type ticket on Peach's website. Then they go to the machine, which dispenses a capsule. Inside is a slip of paper showing their destination.

A man who drew a ticket to Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, said, "It's fun to be able to go to a place that I haven't chosen on my own."

Peach Aviation CEO Mori Takeaki said, "I think this lottery is effective for promoting air travel, because it encourages people to take a trip."

The service can also be a bargain. The tickets, priced at around 43 dollars, are for destinations normally costing upward of 52 dollars.